“Why I like working with SHBH.” Dana H., Speech Therapist

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What do you like about working for Small Hands, Big Hearts pediatric therapy management?

Culture of Service.
SHBH takes the attitude of serving us as therapists rather than us serving the company. This is seen in all kinds of practical ways. I don’t have to go into the office all the time. If I need a test kit and I am across town, many times the leadership drops one off for me at a half-way point. That is service!

SHBH offered me the option of working contract, full-time, or part-time. I chose full-time. I really like not having to deal with all the self-employment details.

They also exhibit flexibility in that they let you choose the type of client you serve best. They desire to optimize your therapeutic strengths. The SHBH leadership understands that therapists have their own families and lives, too.

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