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Sara, PECS and an SHBH Speech Therapy Victory

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My name is Dana H., and I am a Small Hands, Big Hearts Speech Therapist. Here is a recent success story.

I want to introduce you to Sara*. Sara has visual challenges as well as hearing and speech difficulties. She often has to use  a wheelchair.

When this precious little girl was born, she was developing typically. All of sudden, she had a series of seizures at 3 months of age. Her development slowed drastically after this event.

I met Sara when she was 18 months old. I was providing home speech therapy to her older sister. I noticed her developmental delays. Since Sara was only 18 months of age, her mom was not aware speech therapy could benefit her. I explained that speech therapy could be exactly what Sara needed to accelerate her development.

SHBH was able to get Sara quickly approved for speech therapy services and we started working together.

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