Speech Therapy

It is important for your child to be able express his or her needs and wants. A child’s social engagement depends largely on the ability to communicate his or her thoughts and emotions.

Small Hands Big Hearts’ speech therapy seeks to improve your child’s ability to communicate by improving fluency and articulation, including work on:

  • Correcting mispronounced speech sounds
  • Overcoming pitch and loudness disorders of the voice
  • Smoothing the rate of speech to lessen hesitations and stuttering
  • Increasing vocabulary
  • Improving listening skills and following multi-step directions
  • Assisting non-verbal children’s communication with a communication device or PECS (Picture Exchange System).

Speech therapy may also help your child with:

  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Feeding challenges (from tactile defensiveness, etc.)

Our SHBH speech therapists are experienced and fully accredited—not to mention FUN–helping your child to communicate as clearly as possible. We strive to see each child improve their freedom of expression.

Therapy is available in for both English and Spanish-speaking clients.

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