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Lobby day in Austin with SHBH Leadership and Senator Brian Birdwell

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Small Hands Big Hearts’ (SHBH) Leadership Team–Betts Hoover and Melissa Gutzmer–attended the 2013 Texas Association for Home Care and Hospice Winter Legislative Conference held in Austin, TX January 23-24.

The Texas Legislature only meets every two years in Austin, so Betts and Melissa took the opportunity to join other home care and hospice advocates at the Capitol and share the story of how home care is changing lives.

The 2013 Texas Legislative Session will be underway and lawmakers need to know that home health is the most cost-effective, patient-centered solution to health care reform. Betts and Melissa spoke with representatives from both the House and the Senate.

This photo was taken when Melissa met Senator Brian Birdwell in his office in the Capitol. The Senator was burned severely when an airplane hit the Pentagon on 9/11, so he has personal experience with physical and occupational therapy.

We were able to share the value our services provide to the individuals we serve as well as the importance of our program to the state of Texas as a whole.  Small Hands, Big Hearts will continue to fight for the rights of children with delays and disabilities in order for them to get the services they so desperately need.