I love working for SHBH. KRISTIAN R., OTA

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What do you like about working for Small Hands, Big Hearts pediatric therapy management?

I love working for Small Hands Big Hearts because they truly care about their patients.
I am so very passionate about being the best OTA I can be.  I want to provide the best possible care I can and I feel that SHBH gives me the tools I need to make that happen.

I admire SHBH’s continuous strive for success because it means the kids get the level of therapy they deserve.
All kids deserve fun, engaging, and goal driven therapy.  SHBH shares that philosophy with me.  The office staff is more than helpful and always willing to work with parents and therapists regarding scheduling to make the process as stress free as possible.

I appreciate that SHBH is not a giant home health therapy entity that doesn’t know really know the patients or therapists that work with/for them. SHBH knows their patients, patient’s families, and therapists.  I know that the head of my company is always a phone call away.

I am a very moral and ethical therapist and I appreciate that SHBH is moral and ethical company and will always adhere to current state and federal therapy regulations.  That tells me they care as much about my license as I do.

I know I will be sticking with SHBH for years to come because they are different than most home health therapy providers.

SHBH is a truly good hearted company.

Kristian R.
SHBH Occupational Therapy Assistant

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