“Why I like working with SHBH.” Dana H., Speech Therapist

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What do you like about working for Small Hands, Big Hearts pediatric therapy management?

Culture of Service.
SHBH takes the attitude of serving us as therapists rather than us serving the company. This is seen in all kinds of practical ways. I don’t have to go into the office all the time. If I need a test kit and I am across town, many times the leadership drops one off for me at a half-way point. That is service!

SHBH offered me the option of working contract, full-time, or part-time. I chose full-time. I really like not having to deal with all the self-employment details.

They also exhibit flexibility in that they let you choose the type of client you serve best. They desire to optimize your therapeutic strengths. The SHBH leadership understands that therapists have their own families and lives, too.

Family Feeling.
SHBH is highly professional environment, yet it feels more like a family than a business. We are concerned about each other as staff and therapists. We encourage each other. SHBH is willing to make adjustments to what is going on in your life. Their leadership is incredible.

Streamlined Process.
SHBH is always looking for a way to streamline our process as therapists. The CEO, Melissa Gutzmer, is first and foremost a therapist. She has experienced the load of paperwork with files filled out in triplicate. SHBH has intentionally minimized paperwork and red-tape.

The lead staff really listens. They are constantly asking, “Where are your stress points? “Where can we make your life easier?” They seek out our opinions and experiences so they can share those ideas throughout the company. They are quick to buy resources when they hear we have a need.

Melissa Gutzmer, our CEO, feels more like a mentor than a boss. At times I have called and said, “I can’t figure out what to do to best serve this kid. Help” She is always prompt to get back to me whenever I need it–even at 10 pm.

Dana H.
SHBH Speech Therapist